John Smith Legacy

This page hosts the vanilla pack downloads. For more details or help and support please visit the minecraft forums here. We are always looking for more people to help create the textures that people enjoy. Below you will find two different versions, the original 32x version and a new work in progress 64x version. Enjoy the textures!

32x Vanilla Downloads

Currently the JS legacy pack is being hosted on

Please visit there for all 32x downloads.

64x Vanilla Downloads

JS Legacy 64x is an upscaled version of the original John Smith pack and JS Light 64x is an upscaled version of the vanilla JSTR pack. As these packs are both still heavily a work in progress, both are recommended to be applied overtop of their original 32x pack.

Pack Name Pack Version Minecraft Version Download Link
JS Legacy 64x v0.1.1 1.7.x Download
JS Light 64x v0.1.1 1.7.x Download